Velodromo Vigorelli

Concept for an urban multiuse accessory

The concept starts from the idea that Vigorelli’s area will become a multiuse urban accessory, a complex…

University of Trento – Scientific Centre

Preliminary, definitive design of a new science campus in Trento

Design have been oriented to create a complex in harmony with the contest

Napoli Studios

Bidding design of a complex for audiovisual and multimedia production in the “ex Officina Meccanica”

Napoli Studios are planned as redevelopment of…


Preliminary project of a masterplan for Eurograd

Designing this masterplan had different levels of complexity. It is an expansion of the city in…

University of Napoli

Preliminary and definitive design of “Federico II” university law and engineering departments in Naples

The new university complex has been designed in order…

Housing Contest

Competition project of a residential building with high performance and low cost

The themes that oriented the project are:

  • living quality from a climatic…


Site management of a residential building

This work consists on a restoration with partial demolition and reconstruction of ex Binda paper industry along…

RSA Legnano

New nursing home in Legnano

The new RSA, which will house up to 100 non-self-sufficient senior citizens, will rise on a regular shaped…

Reggio Calabria Waterfront

Waterfront of Reggio Calabria

A careful and focused requalification of the entire waterfront can contribute to destroy all that heavy barriers that…